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Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.

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16 hours ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

Don't think I've ever seen that before.

Assuming it's Love Street with Albion Street around the corner, when was that wall actually knocked down?

In this picture from pre 1957, the future car park area is still occupied by what looks like large tenements, with the wall from the other picture to the left, presumably.


According to someone on P+B the lorry has a J reg.This would make it around 1971.

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14 hours ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

Who remembers when this shop front used to have blanked out purple windows?


I remember it when it was a barber’s.  He had a stuffed crocodile oan the wa’...

i had my last haircut in there and that cost 1/6d.

i’d started Razor-cutting it thereafter, as was the style....


...but, since those happy days,  haircutting has been prettty much history.  :(



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1 hour ago, scrappy coco said:

brown st, fae the top of the gas works

Wow!   I think...  looks like great1950s/60s image of the JNI, the foot of Well Street...

and the vieweast.


gerry and Chris Gallen lived in a big house (to my mind] along there - and look at those long back yards....


a huge amount of tenements and Buddies  in the wee area around Underwood Street.



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10 hours ago, cockles1987 said:
23 hours ago, scrappy coco said:
This is a great old picture, must be late 1800s...... It doesn't look like Well St existed when this photo was taken..

Well Street is to the left just after the cart. emoji106.png

Don't see a gap for it to be there and the bus stop should be around where the cart is also?  :D

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3 minutes ago, cockles1987 said:

Don't know if I explained it properly. Well Street is after The building with the White awning I believe.

If you look at the gutter line you may notice the building beyond that is running at a different angle in perspective. emoji106.png

Indeed it is, Specsavers he I come.  Thanks.    :rolleyes:

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On 3/11/2019 at 4:40 PM, pod said:
Building at end of Brown Street, wasn't that the Scottish Wool Growers warehouse.                https://canmore.org.uk/collection/1269737                  

My old man taking me to Love St took the route that passed SWG, through a tunnel under the  railway onto Underwood Rd.

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