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Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.


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3 hours ago, buddiecat said:

As a youngster I wondered about the Kilbarchan bus sign, as you can see on the red bus it states Kilbarchan but under that it states (Wheatlands). I pictured big fields full of wheat.  

I remember always thinking how nice a place Orchard Park sounded 

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23 minutes ago, ALBIONSAINT said:

The cottage arms. Now a spar or something. I remember the wee room you had to go into if you wanted a carry out. How times have changed, 3 aisles of the supermarket devoted to booze. 

First "illegal" carry out from that "wee room", they weren't that fussed what age you were.

The result was me being sick at the Racecourse, getting hammered by my mother and a hangover from hell the next day.

Put me off drink...........................for a week or two. 

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3 hours ago, ALBIONSAINT said:

So it was. Did castle street not have some houses with thatched roofs? I know tannahills cottage had a thatched roof but thought some buildings in castle street did also, my memory could be playing tricks though. 

Think your mind playing tricks mate………..unless of course you’re much older than me 🤔 


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2 minutes ago, HSS said:

I think that’s what’s happening to the Paisley Centre

Don’t know if that’s been decided yet . Be interesting to see what plans they have .

If I had the money and the power, I’d demolish the Piazza , open up the river and make the area a leisure and social centre with riverside Bars , Cafe & eateries ( some decent weather would be nice too !! ) 

Re- develop the Paisley centre bounded by High Street / causeyside street / new street  And make that area the main shopping area - too few shops split between Paisley centre / high street / Piazza means more lying empty than occupied. 

I appreciate this is highly unlikely to happen, you’d need a budget comparable to A Tory Donors covid contract award and a lot of patience while it was carried out but one can but dream 💭 

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