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Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.


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13 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Correct....................she hypnotised me into buying a wee tub of delicious ice cream. :P

What !!!!! No Hot Dog ??  “An hour from now, you’ll wish you had one” 

Get the Hot Dog during the B Movie and then watch the “Big Picture” in peace 😂

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I've said it in the past, it pays to look up sometimes at Paisley's great buildings.................... albeit, you may well be focussed on what the inside has to offer as an alternative! :huh:

It was erected around 1901 and the Arts & Crafts influence is obvious on the upper parts of the building as well as the great pub on the GF.



Paisley Bull Inn entire building.jpg

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A great early photo of the La Scala just after it has been refurbished (if I'm right from the info on the poster).

The film that everyone is queuing for is "Show Boat" from 1936 so just pre-war.


Just next door was Marks & Sparks and again the influence of the times (probably 1930's) is evident in the architecture.


Paisley La Scala circa1936 - Show Boat is a 1936 romantic musical film based on the 1927 musical of the same name.jpg

Paisley Marks & Spencer.jpg

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Never knew this.......................
Who remembers the lions and other animals from the museum? Thankfully some of them still exist and are in storage in The Secret Collection (9 Hight Street, under the old Littlewoods.
Buddie the Lion.

Drove past it earlier, think it's been there for 3 years.
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