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Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.


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7 hours ago, The Original 59er said:

It suggests Paisley Cross in the early 50's after a Saint's game .................... but there isn't a scarf in sight!?

Maybe just a busy Saturday, but there are a lot of males visible, so maybe they were right.

Paisley - early public transport3.jpg

Yes , it’s a Saints game.   Unfortunately this picture was taken at 4:30 😉

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On 1/6/2022 at 10:53 PM, Eric Arthur Blair said:

Wow, that's a beauty. Architecturally nothing has changed but the trams, busses and cobbles are a fantastic reminder of a bygone era.

Here's one from the 50's and obviously a fair bit has changed, but the Bobby is still on duty standing right in the middle of the Cross. That must have been the short straw for any traffic cop in these days, standing right in the middle of all these fumes!


Pailey Cross from the Town Hall1.jpg

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This looks like the late 19th / early 20th century - Causeyside Street, - I think this must have been taken looking south.

The reason it's in colour is due to the fashion at the time of taking a black and white photo ('cause that's all they could take) and then painting over it with stylised colour.


Paisley Causeyside St Early photo coloured.jpg

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10 minutes ago, SuperSaints1877 said:

IIRC the Pitcher Sports shooting incident targeted that shop. There might still be some evidence on the walls of bullet holes. 

Paisley and Dublin have something in common then

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32 minutes ago, pod said:

IIRC they managed to escape from police custody before being recaptured. Wonder what became of those lads. 

I remember one of my friends went on holiday that year to Ireland and when in Belfast he was asked where he came from and he said “Paisley”, the guy asking the question said “oh that’s where those kids were shooting the place up”. 

As if shooting was an uncommon practice in Belfast. 😂 

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