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St Mirren V Celtic League Cup Semi Final


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Remember we all went on train to match and I went to bookies outside Central whilst boys had a smoke tried to bet ISMA first goal(always bet strikers on debut) but seeing as he signed so late they didn't have him on list was a bit peeved so stuck money on half time Draw full time Saints instead.

I was raging when ISMA scored then also when Celtic equalised then took to Monday to realise that equaliser helped win me my bet with all the excitement forgot all about it.

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Possibly the best Saint Mirren game I have ever seen .

The team were absolutely fantastic to a man and our more skilful players really turned it on , Teale, Thomo, Gowser, Isma. .

But moreover , we were fantastic too , the fans , around 4500 of us often out sang 20,000 of them and then seeing all the well kent faces at full time full of emotion , many jubilant some still in disbelief. .

. .another good thing that made me laugh at the time was the sheer futility of their second goal right at the final whistle, it was so meaningless that about half of them had already left the stadium .lol.gif

Big Stevie's goal will never be forgotten, not just for what it meant for us but what it clearly meant for him and then just the shear magnificence of the actual shot . .clap.gif

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