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League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13


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Reading through all these posts brings back so many memories. Almost crying thinking about it. Just simply the best day of my life over anything and to be part of the celebrations after the game, in viennas was just amazing. I love supporting st.mirren

Best St Mirren day of my life tae.

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any particular reason?

Better for me also. In 87 as a young man , i went with my mates. My dad went with his pals & my brothers went with.... well , ive no idea.

Last year , I was there with my Brothers , nephews & Ma Boy .Only black spot was that my dad had passed away a couple of years previous, but i`ve no doubt him & ma wee Uncle Jackie were tuning in somehow !!

We made a day of it, from bacon rolls in my house in the morning , pre & post drinks together & a night of all nights in Paisley. A great day i will remember for a long long time.

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Fuxake I'm choking up just reading this thread, undoubtedly the best day of my life, I vividly recall the horror of that first half hour and some of the great saves that Sammy made to keep us in the game.. and the Thommo ,Teale, and Isma conjuring up THAT goal

Then the Saintly onslaught, we were quite high up in the north stand and had the perfect view of Thommo and Connors' goals, we sung ourselves hoarse, and sweated with 15000 other buddies at Hampden and all who were watching on telly/ online for those last minutes after Stevensons' second goal, and then the wave of joy when the final whistle was blown, tears and hugs.. utter joy!

The bus back to Paisley was fairly quiet, we were all still stunned, a few renditions of OWTSGMI got us going again, and what a night in the town.. what a night..

Thank you St Mirren Football Club, and thank you to all the fellow Buds that shared it with me.


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12 hours ago, Buddiememories said:

Jings, Shull has really fecked his head up :lol:

A Paisley person went  ( says he went ) to a National Cup Final to see his local Team.

So did many thousands of Celtic & Rangers Paisley Buddies , especially in 1987.

Over 50 years of Saints memories, he has down to one National Cup Final 

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Never mind, give yourself a few more "likes" that you don't care about. :lol:


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Well, 8 years I was waking up, a tad blurry but all set for a massive fry up to put a lining in my stomach. :rolleyes:
3 of us heading to Hampden, my mate, unfortunately had a ticket for another part of the ground so we'd catch up after the game.
Nervous excitement was abound, can't remember the odds. 
It's hard enough to believe you were at the game, yet you want us to think you've got a mate as well.

Happy St Mirren day to all the buds.
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