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Smfc-On This Day.....

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I'll miss it too. It certainly did bring back some great memories. I thought you did brilliantly keeping it going for so long.

On a personal note, I'll just mention that four years ago today my wife went through a big operation to have a tumour removed from her brain. We were told it was the size of an orange. She made a complete and damned near miraculous recovery. it brings you back to earth with a bump and sometimes it brings St.Mirren's problems into perspective. So now on this date I'll have two things to remember.

I'm glad Mrs McD has made a great recovery.

Not many people know that brain tumours kill more people under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

We recently lost one of our band members to this disease - big David had battled it for years, but sadly he lost his fight. We were invited to play at his funeral and it was very emotional as you can imagine.

We finished with this song that David recorded with SHIMS (Scottish Head Injury Music Support)


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