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Tv Programmes - Good & Bad

faraway saint

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Gave in a few years ago and got SKY - I like Game of Thrones and the early morning infomercials for The Best C&W Ever while I'm having my early morning coffee before I go to work (thank fuck it's not available in the shops whistling.gif ) - I have the recent LC Final plus the highlights package on my hard drive but I'm still waiting for my partner to have the time to transfer it to DVD.

Like Being Human which recently finished after 5 series (the US version was pish and I'm not gonna watch Episode 2), Dr Who, Black Mirror (most Charlie Brooker in fact) & The Big Bang Theory, QI (unless John Sessions or Roger McGough are on it) and probably some other stuff. I occasionally watch reruns of old favourites like Monk or Cold Case.

Dislike Big Brother, The Scheme, Chelsea, My Big Gypsy Everything, Jeremy Kyle - based solely on the clips which are supposed to induce you to watch these shows. Don't see the fuss about Simon Cowell, I remember when my erstwhile upstairs neighbour Jackie McKinnon appeared on Opportunity Knocks - what's the difference except the level of hype? Even New Faces had the obligatory nasty judge who told it like it was along with the others who'd say something like "I'm sure there's a place for cat buggering in the clubs".

Basically if I like it I watch it, if not I switch it off!

Probably of more interest is what is your guilty TV pleasure? Mine is Ancient Aliens. bag.gif

Top episode with the pig - ironically, given Jeremy Corbyn's troubles last week, titled The National Anthem! lol.gif

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