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B&w Army 8S - Every Wednesday 2000 To 2100 Sign Up Now


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Broonadonna hahaha is that in his heyday or how he looks now lol. Was a good game. Like Brian said, even teams make it a tight game. If only Mark Kennedy could keep his legs closed that tight:p:p

Ha ha fair play fella you were pulling out all the tricks and got my vote for motm, but ill be looking to even the score this wednesday - game on thumbup2.gif

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Not sure Brian. Maybe the programme was only set up for a certain time and that has lapsed now. I have added a new game and just dispatched invites.

I won't be able to make next as going to a funeral in Leicestershire so Steff has the bibs and will take cash on the night. Cheers Steff!

The general concensus is to get a wee get together on the first home game of the championship winning season.;-) Everyone will be full of the usual pre season belief 'this is going to be a great season' so what better way to kick off the season.

We will have over £650 in the kitty so should be an interesting evening with Sappirito being suggested as a good place to go to post match. Madness! :-)

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I believe this is the current standby list in order:

Brian Casey
Robert Smith
Ian Craig
Fraser Torrance
Dougiy Collins
Thomas McIlroy
Ross McNicol
Ross Skalley
Gordon Scott
Thomas Rooney
John Montgomery
Baz Roy
Gareth Fairley
Stuart Cameron
Kevin Hamilton
Alan Cassidy
Brian Roy
Neil Cameron
Richard Atkinson
Mark Russell
Declan O'Neill
Stuart McIntosh
Steven Morrison
Vince Duffy
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