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Invites sent for next week thumbup2.gif Lets get the responses back in plenty of time thumbup2.gif

Agreed that we should continue through the festive season as the games are far enough away from the key dates.

Was shaping up to be a really good game this evening , all square till Nickys injury ( hope its not as bad as first feared Nicky- Give it a few days & let me know how it feels)

Played in a far better spirit , hopefully we have seen an end to the stupid handballs rolleyes.gif Think the extra man done for us in the end with the bibs knocking a few in to pinch the match.

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What's the standby list looking like? Every time I have a look on the app it changes order!

I`ve sent you a PM. Obviously on here as Marteen87 doesn`t help me with who you actually are ! Let me know & i`ll check .

As i said on my PM , the list should remain the same (if you are who i think you are , you`re actually playing 1eye.gif !!) The changes on the reserve list may be due to people who receive late invites & cant attend,they are automatically added back to the Top of the list for the following week.

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Thats our 16 sorted for this week guys. Lost Chris D with a broken bone in his foot from last weeks game & Nickys hamstring failed to heal in time .

Call ups for Kevin & Luke.

Given the time of year , if anyone has a massive hangover / last minute tickets to the xmas panto / getting their ear bitten by the missus & has to call off...... please let me know asap by txt or PM.

Ta much.

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The Dome is out of action for Wednesday till 6th Jan because of the Street Stuff programme .

Apparently they forgot to tell us last week !!! What ? Lack of communication from St.Mirren ?? Surely not !!mad.gifrolleyes.gif

Any way , not much we can do about it , i`m currently looking to see if we could do the same as last year at the Powerleague, bit short notice but lets see how we get on.

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We had a similar situation last year when the dome was called off at short notice, that time because of Damage.

It was decided that the invites for the first game back should be sent to all those who played in the last game , & not to the ones who had accepted due to players calling off for the coming /cancelled game (does that make sense ?)

Now there will be winners & losers here, as there was last year. In fact i was one of those who lost out !

So i will re-send the invites for the first game back (prob 6th Jan) to all those who played last week.

I will not be sending these out till the new year.

If we arrange a game elsewhere it will NOT affect the standby list.

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Sorry Guys.

11 in. 9 Out & three five injured. NO GAME THIS WEEK OR NEXT.

I know its only three short of 7s but i dont have the time to chase more bods tomorrow & i dont want to run the risk of call-offs depleting the number further..... especially if the weather on Wed night turns out as bad as the met off are saying.

We`ll just a have a couple of weeks off & mibbee a beer or ten. holiday.gif

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