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B&w Army 8S - Every Wednesday 2000 To 2100 Sign Up Now


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Fraser Watson is definitely playing so we have 13 players confirmed. The standby list is now empty, 21 declines in one week was never a scenario we considered possible !

So, ideally we need 3 ringers. Post up in here if you are definitely able to bring along any other players. We will allocate the three remaining spaces on a first come, first served basis.

I will publish the confirmed list of 16 as soon as we have the other three spots filled.

Go to it !

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Ok thanks guys, so we have 16 in the squad for tonights game, as follows;

Ross McNicol

Gareth Fairley

Craig Caveney

Dougiy Collins

Alan Cassidy

David Wilson (organiser)

Fraser Torrance

Neil Cameron

Steve Logan

Brian Hanley

Robert Smith

Ian Brown

Steven Campbell

Chris Baillie

Graeme Smith

Mark Logan

Phew ! Thanks to all the ringers and those who recruited. Obviously if any of the new boys want to join the permanent squad they are very welcome and will keep their places next week. Dr Zo can you get details from any of them who are interested ?

Dr Zo has the bibs and ball, and will organise the money and the teams. I will be back next week, looking very brown and very fat.

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I normally get a text and an email when invited but for this week's game no text was received - quite fortunate that I had checked my emails when I did. Perhaps this is why there's been no response from some others who were on the stand by list...

Looking forward to playing on what is fast becoming my favourite artificial grass surface again, although not played since my MOTM display a few weeks ago so hope the tight hammys are ok.

Rather than playing "B&WA" v "Tangerine Terrors" ( a bit too Dundonian for my liking...), I suggest "Home" v "Away" as everyone will have the famous black 'n' white stripes or an away / alternate team shirt. This could be a pain in the erse tho' to organise, especially if this week's anything to go by. Just sayin' that those bibs can have an acquired scent off them. rip.gif

PS first-time caller, long-time listener thumbup2.gif

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