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Enjoyed the game and think the games will get better as everyone gets to know each other and we find team numbers that best suit the pitch size. Delighted with my showing between the sticks. All helped by a woeful attempt at a penalty from Div. Stick to goalkeeping as you are no Rickie Lambert.;-)

Feeling better this morning than I did last Thursday morning so onwards and upwards.

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Squad for tonights game which is 8-a-side (no subs);

Stuart McIntosh
Gordon Bell
Fraser Burns
Ross McNicol
Alan Cassidy
Andy Newport
David Wilson
Mark Russell
David Tennant
Stuart Cameron
Neil Cameron
Charlie Kelly
Ian Craig
David MacDonald
Richard Atkinson
Steven Logan

Bring £5 a head please, this will give us an extra £10 that we will put into a kitty that we will try and build up either for buying gear or footballs or just for getting smashed at Xmas in the big sevens night out :-)

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Fabulous game tonight, marred by a sickening early head knock for Tennants Lager.

The bibs won by 1 goal in the end, thanks to an absolutely fabulous diving header 2 minutes from time.

Modesty prevents me from saying who scored that one, but it was Yardley at his best, utterly magnificent stuff.

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Really enjoyed the game again tonight! Thought my fitness was back up at a reasonable level again and was able to get about a bit more! Felt bad for the boy David Tennant that ran into me early on and ended up on the floor! Hope ur not sore in the morning bud!

I'm fine thank you Susan... wacko.png

No seriously it was a good laugh, would defo recommend it to all good buddies. Just sorry to my team mates in the non-bibs for being, well, shite and unfit lol. Felt like I had the reactions of an oil tanker at times. Still, all in good fun and that. :)

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