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St Mirren V Newcastle United Friendly 30/7/13


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Sat in the Main last night but my ST is in W1. the guy you are talking about is a trumpet, he think he's Mourinho. The 2 that sit the other side of the stairs in W2 aint much better. Why have the clueless got to make themselves heard?

Yup, same nonsense every week from them. The young lad in W2 probably gives his mum dogs abuse for not giving him beans with his dinner. "Where's ma beans ya whore!"

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cannot wait to give newton and dummet a heros welcome  all st Mirren fans should stand and applaud these two guys and make them feel special and hope at least newton may return


Totally agree , Wouldn,t it be nice if both of them , along with Isma were presented with a wee memento to acknowledge the help they gave us in winh the League

what like? A medal? Photos of them up in the ground? Legendary status?
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Isma, Newtonnnn! and Dummett already have these three things. Medals - check. Photos going up the reception stairs - check. Legendary status with the support - check!

Yep,i really despair of some of our "so called supporters" who unbelievably would choose Mc Dougall,Somner and Stark over these three "legends"

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Not looked through the thread yet but good game for us last night....Hard to watch at times against a quality team. Stuck in and chased the ball well....No team will present this challenge again this season! Some fans take it too far though......Shull ?.....3 seagulls ?.....We counted 27!

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From where I was sitting, McAusland looked commanding, controlled and calm in defending and his distribution was very good. On this showing against players of the calibre of United this makes a mockery of the people who decry the lad. He has improved tenfold since his c0kup v Rangers.

To the rest.

Cisse showed why Newcastle persevered with him. A class act.

Newcastle's shirt sponsor was pretty apt last night as, at times, they "took a len o' us"!

McGowan was better than v Morton but still gave the ball away too much.

Harkins looked good and tracked back well.

What the F has happened to Thommo? Has he had a falling out or something? Hate to say but a waste of a jersey.

None of the young lads looked out of place on this stage so that's good.

Cornell was 100 times better than the last time I saw him so he did....ok.

After the substitutions we actually had a couple of really good build up resulting in a couple of chances.

I suspect Danny doesn't think Yaqub is ready for the step as he was one of the few who didn't see the grass beneath his feet. Personally,l If this is the case, then I disagree.

it was hard to see the game at times, some guy kept jumping up in front of me to take video shots of the match

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Was just wondering, do you think Alan pardew can speak French cos his whole squad last night bar about 5 players were from French speaking countries! Must be a strange dressing room if they're all talking amongst themselves and pardew doesn't have a clue what they're saying!

WTF!! Is this a 1970's style attempt to be funny?

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Would agree with most of that.

Newcastle were spraying the ball around and making space without effort, our guys were essentially chasing shadows like headless chickens at times.

If you defocussed your eyes all you saw was a stream of black and white shirts being dragged from one side of the park to the other and then back.

No wonder our midfield were knackered and wrecked. We're just not used to playing against that sort of quality.

Thought we actually did quite well defensively. Cornell was excellent too.

From a passing perspective I think we saw our players closed down so quickly we couldn't string 2 passes together at points and so our midfield and attack was non existent.

It was a bit hard to watch a team so far ahead of you that they could take the foot off the gas almost the entire second half and we still didn't get a look in.

We were totally outclassed. Whether that is just us or Scottish football in general will become clearer after Newcastle play other teams up here but it was hard to watch at times.

However. We are not and never will be in the business of competing with the Newcastles of this world.

We play in a different setup with only 1 team in our entire league setup who could even hope to avoid getting hosed by Newcastle.

In our environment there is clearly hope that we'll do quite well this season. The young guys who came on late brought energy and a lack of fear which was extremely encouraging.

They beat Motherwell fairly easily, possibly 4-1 or 4-2, I think they are still to play Rangers but shouldn't imagine they will fair any better

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