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Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !


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6 hours ago, antrin said:

I seldom read any twin buttocks shite on the bbc, but this gave me great pleasure.  :)


uncanny how the deid club died after playing Malmö.  Out of Europe and bust!


I wonder how long this lot will stay in existence by being fraudulently funded?

Longer than you. :lol:

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23 minutes ago, shull said:

Radio Scotland saying Scottish Football is shocked at the departure of the Celtic CEO.

No it isn't.

Some Celtic fans might be.

Not surprised at all. A relative worked with him at scottish rugby and said he was an absolute tosser that got others to do his work for him. 

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6 minutes ago, Doakes said:

Hopefully they both win. Dundee and Dundee United winning would be horrendous news for us 

He doesn't get it, if it was the last day of the season and we were bottom and the team above us were playing Rangers he'd still want Rangers to get beat, even if it meant relegation.

Weird doesn't cover him. 🤡

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