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Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !


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8 hours ago, portmahomack saint said:

Who's the glib :huh:


8 hours ago, Slarti said:

Dave King

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Dave King/the Glib is the guy who WAS the head honcho for Rangers International Football Club, which is the company that owns the club called The Rangers Football Club.  He is the major shareholder - about 60m shares, which I believe he bought at 25p each and are not worth that!

This mad clumpany creation (with its inspiringly inventive and original names) was the only way that King (who absurdly invested far too much of his own cash into the Deid club, Rangers FC) could deploy in order that he might somehow milk money back out of the new club, by pretending it was still the deid club.

It was the “only way” he could try to control a “rangers” as his previous financial activities were so dastardly that a judge in court called him a “glib and shameless liar” and the financial community has metaphorically daubed him with “a cold shoulder”. 

The cold shoulder is a scarily real thing…. Glib has been cast out of respectable UK financial society.  Banks will not do business with him. Credit companies won’t play ball.   Few other companies will risk contagion of financial dealings with him…. All of which are not great for a clumpany the has been losing circa £10 every year of its existence.

Glib withdrew about 2 years ago, letting Douglas Park take the heat for a while as acting chairman, with his son Graeme Park joining him on the board.  Douglas recently elected to withdraw, Glib voted against Graeme in a recent vote and now seems to be squirming back in.  Surely for the good of the clumpany?!

Still… the SFA/SPFL strongly believe in Financial Fair Play and a level playing field, so maybe the Glib will be fine.  

While Buddie minds must stay alert, Glib makes any quibble about Kibble seem so slight, in comparison…

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