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Please Give Us A Rumour To Cheer Us Up


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Someone please give us something to cheer us up

Totally P***d off at the moment

I have my season ticket but considering not going unless we improve the squad

or get rid of Danny

Think tactics against us this season will be

push up until they make a mistake with their passing game

shoot on sight rookie goalkeeper

man mark thompson and we will win 3 or 4 nill

cannot see us winning a game

There's a rumour, and I've not confirmed this yet, that shares in companies involved in the manufacture of sturdy rope and wooden beams have absolutely rocketed in the lead up to the weekends fixtures.

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i know this wont go down to well with some of you ...but..i would like to see Barry Ferguson here for a season

with Goodwin beside him we would have a great midfield and also free up McGowan to roam about causing havoc

just a thought

It may be "just a thought" but how about shoving it up your arse,we need strikers and fast

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