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The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?


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Gilmour alluded to the situation a short time ago , and has done so in the recent past , despite the protestations of Oaksoft. IMO if the current directors were going to remain in place next season , then Lennon would be long gone already ! The BOD are trying to cut their financial losses by keeping Lennon in the hope we are safe and then let the incoming owners perform the deed ! They will be collectively praying that Thistle remain a wee bit shitier than we are !

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taking some of our players into custardy!!!!!! whistling.gif

If you were my son I'd put you over my knee and slipper you soundly for such a appalling pun.

I'd then remember that I'm a lover not a fighter and that I stand on a ticket of believing that any violence against a child is basically abuse by another name and spend the next 20 years buying you ice cream and football tickets to try and placate you.

Mind you, you'll notice it wasn't appalling enough to stop me liking the post and waking my wife up with a sudden bark of laughter 10 inches from her left ear. The poor woman and her weak bladder.......

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God help St.Mirren fans like you who cant see through their black and white specs and think everything is ok. Just saying like.

As for the running of the Club we are just fine.

The Manager and Team are having a hard time but they will also be fine.

My Black & White Specs aint ever gonnae be removed. online2long.gif

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