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Humans Causing Climate Emergency

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7 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:
13 hours ago, oaksoft said:
Greta Thunberg to get her own TV show.
That'll upset a few folks. emoji38.png

Only those who don't care about their kids/grandkids/younger generations ... oh, and lazy bastards.

Armchair Supporters. 

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Scottish Cup Display.

A lot of the materials we use for displays are single-use which is bad for the environment and also bad for our wallet.

♻️♻️♻️Each piece of material will come with an elastic band if you could roll it back up after use and put the band around it this should allow it to be reused 😎

Saving us time, money and sending it to landfill!

We are also looking for some volunteers tonight from 6pm for a while. Really simple task but a lot to do so the more hands the better!!

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3 hours ago, salmonbuddie said:




If only! 

Look, if humans are destroying the planet the only way to fix it is to reduce consumption. We'd need to severely restrict population growth, lower life expectancy, severely restrict travel, and get everyone to turn off their TVs, mobile phones, computers, broadband routers, etc. 

Wee Greta demands that politicians do something about it but no politician is going to get elected on a platform of euthenasia so the solutions they come up with are a bit like the emperor's new clothes. 

Take electric cars as an example. Recent studies show that you would have to drive a mid sized electric car 219,000 km before it's CO2 emissions out perform a diesel car and thats assuming the battery doesn't need replaced. How many on here keep their cars for 10 years or more? Oh and while we're on it CO2 emissions from transport actually increased in the UK after diesel cars were demonised and many switched back to petrol. 

In electricity generation we see a lot about renewable energy. Government likes to tell us on extremely windy days we're generating enough electricity to power all the houses in Scotland with renewables. However included in these figures is electricity that has been generated using wood chips, much of which is imported from the US and some of which can be traced back to the deforestation of the Amazon. 

Theres countless more examples of the fraud and yet because people are too lazy to think about their own consumption we trust our governments to sort it. 

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