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Smisa Player Of The Year Event @ Uws Union - May 10Th

Tennant's Lager

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From SMiSA.net:

The St Mirren Supporters Trust is hosting a Player of the Year event on behalf of a number of the other supporters clubs and this will be held at the University of the West of Scotland Students Union, Storie Street, Paisley on Saturday 10th May 2014 after the Hearts game.. Doors open at 3.00pm and tickets are available from the club shop at St Mirren Park and cost £2.00 each. Any unsold tickets will be available to purchase at the door.
The event is there for any club or individual to make an award and if you wish to do so please get in touch with us no later than Wednesday 07th May to be included in the presentations.
There will be a raffle at the event and all proceeds will be returned to St.Mirren by way of programme advertising. All fans of all ages are welcome to come along. You can vote on the SMiSA award by emailing [email protected] tell us who you are voting for and why.
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Hopefully the team can win the next two games and secure that 7th place then the event will be buzzing.

Always a good end to the season. Well done the SMiSA committee for organising this event.

Please remember that kids are able to attend this event which gives them a chance to meet with the players and get their strips signed.

ETA BIg Kids are also welcome to get their strips signed - although you may be advised to keep the current one for next season...

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yea, always a good day especially when it's an early start, good atmosphere, plenty bevy, and home in time for tea

although I missed last years in the same place as this years I heard the prices are reasonable

if anyone hasn't been to one I'd recommend it

£2.60 a pint and about 1.70 for a hauf and dash - was up there after uni before partick game - I think I should have been up there more at those prices!!! Tho I was sure it was 1.70 but Hollz went up and got 2 haufs and dash and it was 2.80 - even better!

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better late than never

In order of presentation on the day . . . . .or what I can remember of it !

SMiSA POTY. John McGinn

Chivas Travel Club POTY. Kenny McLean

Cockles WIlson Bull Inn POTY. John McGinn

SMiSA Young POTY. Sean Kelly & Jason Naismith

Robert Stillie Memorial Trophy POTY. John McGinn

Paisley Students Union POTY. Marian Kello

Cockles Wilson Bull Inn Young POTY. Jason Naismith

Black & White Army POTY 3rd. Kenny McLean, 2nd. Steven Thompson, 1st. John McGinn

SMiSA Recognition Award. Phil Clark

photos will be on SMiSA website soon, hopefully in slightly less time than the ten days it took for the above list to be posted

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