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St Mirrens New Strip

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I hate it , who am I to judge , but more tellingly my youngest nearly cried in disbelief when he saw it..a nine year old straight up refused to even consider it. Told me he'd get slated by the kids at school if he was seen' in that ' the mocking has already started..........

It is a seriously poor choice and a seriously misguided process that has come up with that horrific style of football top

Serious disappointment / embarrassment.

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I,M going out to buy this for my grandson.Smart thinking for once by St Mirren as it guarantees you wont lose your children in a crowd.

Great thinking. We should all buy one for the kids and ourselves then none of us will get lost in that crowd!whistling.gif

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I think it was 1968 when we won the old div2 we had the likes of Fulton and Kane we wore a pin stripe shirt and it was fine. Nothing wrong with a change now and then. So long as we have a good team that is the main thing.


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No comparison. That strip looks really smart.

I think it looks shite compared to the new one.

But hey, it's all about personal opinion.

However, as much as I'm not that bothered about the new strip, if I was considering buying a top, I'd prefer it to be along the more "traditional" broad black and white striped version.

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Not a fan of black shorts and socks...white stands out more and our players need all the help they can get trying to find a teammate....

I prefer white shorts and socks too, just threw that jpeg out there for a wee bit of discussion! Can amend them to white, maybe add a couple of thicker hoops on the socks, try a few things for the hell of it. End of the day though, JDs in-house team will do it, but the club need to approve it!

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