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Steve Gonna No Dae That

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He's a C*ltic fan(sad.png) and when they came in from him St.Mirren knocked them back(thumbup2.gif), not wanting him to go to a rival team.

IIRC and I do Davie "Cunty Cunt" Hay said Sellick wouldn't be held to ransom by clubs looking for outrageous fees simply because they were Sellick - within a week we'd transferred him to Chelsea for around £100K more - what a cunt!

Outrageous that SC never got a Scotland cap while playing for Saints!

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I think we will see a daily set of stories on the next Celtic manager accompanied by separate articles by leading pundits and opinion by ex-Celtic players and why they would all be an excellent appointment and this will continue with an ever-changing list of favoured candidates right up until they appoint Danny Lennon to replace Neil Lennon.

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just dont want to see steve ruin his "legend" status by going to the green bigots.

Im sure he could do better.

Hope you're right. After almost thirty years in England you would think he and his family might be so ensconced in England that he wouldn't move back up. Surely. If Celtic can't entice him then nobody will. Apart from maybe us. If he buys us.

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On the positive side, they have not been tempted to splash out stupid money for a 'BIG' name like... er... Roy Keane - who said he widnae take a drop in income.

F'ck 'im.

Scottish fitba should fit its budget. I'm surprised at you, shull...

...but, aye.... F*ck 'em! :)

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