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Jd Sports "undisputed" King Of Trainers

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Oh dear - here we have a fashion victim.

I've got two kids. One is an athlete and the other loves playing football. The athlete undeniably knows his footwear because it is particularly important in his field. He would never buy a pair of trainers from JD Sports for two reasons.

1. They have no qualified staff with the relevant expertise or knowledge to tell you whether a trainer is suitable for your gait.

2. They are over priced and typically are no more than fashion shoes that are pointless for the use in sport.

He will however buy from Sports Direct despite the fact that their staff are not trained either. He will do so having had his gait assessed, by knowing that he is an over pronator and by doing his own homework to discover specific names of shoes within a brand that are suitable for him to wear. And the reason he'll do that at Sports Direct is because typically they are the cheapest by a long way.

Those who are serious about their feet really should get along to one of the major athletics stores like Run4It, or Achilles Heel or look up Asiacs gait analysis events that are held around the country.

Do you practice being a prick ?

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Only buy Adidas, so JD can sometimes be good for that, but recently their adidas range has been shit, likewise with "Size?".

Think I've got around twenty pairs, the vast majority bought off eBay.

Adidas website is usually pretty good price wise. Especially their sale section if you arent fussy about having the latest released trainers.
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On our shirts they're the "King of Trainers", now on the OS they're the self proclaimed "UNDISPUTED King of Trainers". I wouldn't even call them the PRINCE of trainers!!! I always get my trainers at Sportsdirect, a whole lot cheaper with much friendlier and helpful staff

Undisputed King of Wankers doesnt quite have the same ring to it, but is a tad more apt that their tagline

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