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Question And Answer Night Thursday 4 September 2014


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Thursday 4 September is when you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the clubs plans for the season ahead with the new management team for the first time at a Q & A evening at the stadium with kick off at 7:00 pm.

The success of the previous and well attended events has ensured this one, shortly after the transfer window closes, will allow every St.Mirren supporter to put forward their questions and comments to manager Tommy Craig and his first team coaches Jim Goodwin and Gary Teale as we venture into the new season.

This is a real opportunity not afforded at other clubs, for you to engage with the people at the sharp end of our club, therefore we strongly recommend you don't miss out on what will surely be an informative and enjoyable evening.

As with all SMiSA events the ethos is one of inclusion and affordability for all, therefore there will be no entry fee with only a bucket (fortunately without a big hole in it) where if you choose you can make a donation which will go directly to the clubs increasingly successful Youth Development Academy at Ralston

See you there

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Just a reminder that this event is on Thursday at 7pm.

Let's get along and support this event. All donations go towards the Youth Development.

See it as an opportunity to clear the air with the Management Team and possibly the Chairman who may be in attendance.

Like everyone else I'm extremely disappointed in what has been served up this season, and it would seem that we have failed to learn any lessons from previous seasons.

Something needs to kick start our season - and perhaps the catalyst to this could be this meeting.

SMiSA held a similar Q&A after a run of 6 poor results in 2012 under Lennon. The Saturday following this meeting I believe we got a draw and a few months later we won the League Cup.

Very few clubs enter into such a dialogue with the fans - let's seize the opportunity and support Youth Development.

Well done SMiSA for organising this.

It has been confirmed by the Club that Chairman Stewart Gilmour will be on the Top Table along with Tommy Craig, Jim Goodwin and Gary Teale.

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Unfortunately can't make it, but if the top table is Stewart Gilmour, Tommy Craig and Gary Teale, can someone please ask the most important question of the night on my behalf?.... which one of them has their golf game in the best shape, and who's going to burn it up at Paisley GC the following morning?

Thanks in advance. phone.gif

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Just to add... yet again it is a Thursday. ALWAYS a Thursday.

I really appreciate the effort that goes into organising this and don't see it as a right... but would it be that difficult to have it on a different night just once in a while for folks with commitments on a Thursday?

take your point, however this particular one was based on the principle of the gap for international games, the close of the signing window, which then left the Wednesday or Thursday, it then became a case of what would suit all organising parties,

Please don't think it's a case of which Thursday will we have this year to make sure buddie in ek can't make it.

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I'm working so canny go , but let's hope that someone has the balls to challenge them on the managerial appointment , shocking start and the general apathy around the club. The last thing I want to read on here is the bollocks that was posted last time about Craig being a good talker and Gilmour being approachable etc Someone give them it with both barrels !

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Notable comments via SMISA Twitter:

"Thommo's injury was the reason we never played Aberdeen. TC"

"Recent free kicks, they do practice says T C. Maybe pressure or lack of composure. Craig says we practice 3 types corners every day"

"TC acknowledges that our subs don't warm up properly at half time"

"3 new forwards have scored 22 in the last 4 years from the floor. TC asks who was at Whitley Bay, what was the impression of Ball."

"TC sticking with his plans. We played Motherwell and Dundee off the park. Should have 6 points"thumbdown.gif

"Why no centre halves ? Tried to sign 3 but not good enough. Still looking."

"TC says Cheesey needs a rest"

"SG says no funds available for anymore players. Fans are knickerwetters. We will come through this. Not concerned, but we need to support."

"Couple of interested parties in buying club. Proof of funding required by BoD"

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Few messages from a mate of mine suggests Tommy can't take the stick, isn't able to really answer anything and summed it up by saying it was cringe worthy.

He took stick from the stand badly back when he was assistant. Can recall 3 or 4 times when he was arguing with main stand supporters during matches last season.

He's really not cut out for football management.

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