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Stephen Mallan

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Mallan on the bench again, Barnsley losing 4-1 & a centre midfielder red carded & getting a 3 game ban.

Think he should bide his time there the manager probably won't last the season and should get a chance soon.

He might struggle to play next season as with Chinese multi millionaire new owners expect alot of signings and biggest name manager possible in the summer.

Come back to us next season for our premiership return.

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90 minutes for Stevie today. Unfortunately they got gubbed.
Did get an assist though. 

Yeh, I saw that. Although they got beat, it was a difficult game(away to Villa). Hopefully Stevie gets a good run of starts now. Be great to see him do well down there, after a tough start.

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8 hours ago, SaintGlenburn said:

Ive backed Milwall today. Sorry stevie but have a shite wan. emoji17.png

He did apparently. Hooked at half time after being blamed for Millwall’s first half goal. 

Wonder if we could get him on loan when we’re in the top division next season. 

And I don’t mean who could do with someone who liable to give the ball away in his own half when under no pressure 

I’m confident he’d be great for us in the premier league. 



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