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Dodgy Pop-Ups On Bawa. .


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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

So, is this issue of any interest to the mods or does anyone give a fcuk?

It's not the function of a Mod to address technical concerns - it should be - to shut up feckless whingers, however...



Hmm.. big deal - I suppose times are harder than I understood in Saudi.


ps small disturbances are nothing to what used to be the days of pure  blackness that kept striking the original guestbook.

Think yourself quite lucky - apart from supporting St Mirren.  :(


Young people nowadays...  easily distracted.

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7 hours ago, Drew said:

From one of the most prolific posters on here in recent years, this is rich. You'd be bereft if the site died. It's clearly your primary (only?) social outlet.

I have met Div a few times. Seems a decent enough guy. He would no doubt walk past me in the street without a hint of recognition. I'm turning 47 next year, have a family, and a relatively broad and stimulating social circle. I have no need to court the attention and favour of Div, or anyone else.

I am simply pointing out a simple and inexpensive means by which you, and others, might resolve this particular issue. If you aren't willing to accept it in that spirit, then what is there left for me to say, but go f**k yourself.



Says the guy who spends half his life in a garden hut. :lol:

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4 hours ago, renfrew said:

Just wondering why no problem with P&B since I would have thought both sites would operate the same ?

Yeah we have had issues on P&B too, but think they are resolved. There are new ad types that the advertisers are pushing, but there have been issues. On the desktop the ads are supposed to run in the space around the forum on both sides which is actually quite good as it means they don't interfere with the forum itself (when they are working the way they are supposed to).

I've no wish to push people towards paying to use the site, the supporters pay for enough as it is, the option to opt-out and pay to avoid the ads is just that, an option.

B&W Army will always be free to use, paid for by the advertisers.


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I've re-enabled one of the ad units this morning. I think the two we run were getting in the way of each other.

I'm waiting on the ad guys fixing the bottom one, but do let me know if you see any repeat of the issues that affected us over the last week or so.

Note that there are NO pop-up ads on B&W Army. We don't take any pop ups. The issue you've been seeing is the new ad style overlaying on top of the screen instead of appearing at the side like it supposed to. Now you should see the likes of this when you see a skin/wrap advert appear;



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