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90's Jerseys On Ebay

Gosport Buddie

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I bought the black away strip (with the VW Ingram sponsor), brand new for £55 a few years back. Absolutely no regrets (though it is a nipple ripper!)

My favourite eBay saints purchase was the AC Milan style kit made by Core from 1994/95, bought for £4 and came from Washington DC strangely enough. Absolute bonus was that it came in it's original polythene bag, it had never even been opened, much less worn!

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Those 96/97 kits are two of my favourites. Very different looking and will always be fondly remembered as the first time I supported Saints and actually had fun doing so, given that we were relatively decent that season, think we finished a good fourth under Fitzy. I think of those kits and I always recall Yardley and Junior in them.

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The memories come flooding back.

Fitzy in the 70's shirt.

Scanlon on the wing.

Frank McDougall blasting in the goals.

Mendes in full flight.

And the days when i could actually fit into a Large!!! (perhaps even squeeze into a Medium.....erm....maybe not!!!).

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