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New Kit Spoiler Alert

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JDs online ordering regularly shows 'out of stock' when in fact it isn't. Pretty sure REA explained the way it works.... It's clearly useless fcuking bollocks and a better system is patently required, but still, I'm reasonably sure REA described it as a 'short term stock discrepancy' matter, a quirk of the online stock v actual stock, or summat'.

'Shite system' is how I would describe it.

Because you can order in the store as well as online e the JD system assigns a level of stock to both.

When the online system receives orders and reduces the online stock level by the amount ordered their system does not automatically make available the shop stock.

It waits until a refresh (I think overnight) when a new batch of stock is assigned to online.

It is a difficulty associated with bricks and mortar online and telephone ordering.

If you see no stock online give the phone number or local store a ring....

....in any event though. ..it ain't my fault

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There only was one made.

It's being delivered to an address in Lanarkshire apparently, if a suitable appointment can be arranged with the local postie.rolleyes.gif

I'm sure there's no truth in the rumour that the person who ordered it asked for the sponsor's logo to be replaced with a swastika.

Didn't realise you had moved to Lanarkshire?


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Son went in to get strip this morning neck was too small apparently lot of people were having the same problem that jd were giving discounts on the strip anyone else heard this??

Could it be caused by the brass neck people developed wearing last years kit?

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