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On 11/13/2022 at 3:28 PM, eastlandssaint said:

Fantastic night at the Garage to witness The Icicle Works put on a truly epic performance.

Ian McNabb solo gig in Feb or March at the [email protected] green hotel venue in Kinross.  Let's hope there is no repeat of what happened the last time one of your heroes was booked for a solo gig there

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On 11/15/2022 at 4:18 PM, beyond our ken said:

Apparently all sold out or very nearly- a great welcome home for DP

Amazing performance from a 76 year old music legend in Paisley last night.  With the masively talented buddie Jim Keilt on lead guitar and an otherwise quite young band Davey had the crowd in the palm of hs hand from the off.  An awesome set of pipes that are still in fine fettle rattling through a set of  standards and self-composed songs.  Trust me, if you get the chance go and see this amazing band when they hit the road.  No-one will be disappointed.May be an image of 2 people, people standing, people playing musical instruments, guitar and indoor

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After seeing the "Elvis" movie last year we've become a tad overly interested, so much so we'd booked to see 3 tribute acts this year.

First up, last night, was Johnny Lee Memphis at The Whitehall Theatre in Dundee.

It certainly wasn't a sell out which was slightly disappointing.

We needn't have worried, the quality of the 4 piece band, the two female backing singers and "Elvis" himself made it a great nights entertainment.

Johnny is Scottish and he brought that into the performance at just the right times to keep the audience fully engaged.

His voice was, IMO, a good 7/10 but when you add in his charisma and amusing patter it made this a good 8.5/10





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Tuesday night was Beth Nielsen Chapman at the Old Fruitmarket.

Sublime. Very powerful and emotional.

I bought the tickets 3 years ago.

Cancelled twice.

Her first husband died in 94.

She remarried, but tragically, her second husband died in December.

Both of cancer, which she herself has had.

She was going to cancel the tour but her husband's last wish was that if she was able, the tour should go ahead.

She smashed it. Great performance. 

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Thursday night was my third gig of the week.

Another cracker.

It was the Celtic Connections album launch of Consequences, the 12 track collaborative album by Edinburgh singer songwriter Kim Edgar and various guest artists.

The 12 tracks were released one a month throughout 2022, having been written during lockdown.

It involved artists from Scotland, Wales, Finland, Miscou Island in Canada, Ontario Canada and Taiwan!

The format was simple but meaningful.

The album would be played in entirety, in order, with each collaborator first performing one of their own tracks to show why Kim wanted to work with them in the first place.

I love Horse, Boo Hewerdine, James Grant and Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow, and was so thrilled that they were taking part. They were all class acts.

I loved discovering some new artists that I now want to hear more of.

Welsh singer Dan Bettridge was a class act and great discovery.

The album and therefore running order was as follows...

1. ANY WISHING STAR (written by Ron Sexsmith & Kim Edgar)

2. SAVE MYSELF (RUN AWAY) (written by Horse McDonald & Kim Edgar )

3. THE EDGE OF SHAME (written by Boo Hewerdine & Kim Edgar)

4. THE ROLLING SEA (written by Dan Bettridge & Kim Edgar)

5. FIFTY TO ONE (written by Goodnight Louisa & Kim Edgar)

6. IT ONLY TAKES A SILENCE (written by J-P Piirainen & Kim Edgar)

7. VENT FOU (written by Sandra Le Couteur & Kim Edgar)

8. CORNERSTONE (written by James Grant & Kim Edgar)

9. I DREAM (written by Stone & Kim Edgar)

10. RIPPLES (written by Rachel Sermanni & Kim Edgar)

11. WHISPER PINK (written by Louis Abbott & Kim Edgar)

12. IN THE LONG RUN (written by William Crighton & Kim Edgar)

The fantastic backing band also deserves a special mention.

A very memorable night indeed. 

The album is highly recommended.

Check out www.kimedgar.com

An ambitious project by Kim Edgar that has resulted in something very special.

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20 hours ago, HSS said:

I’m off to the Bungalow tonight for a gig in aid of The Moira Fund


Stephen Henry and a couple of pals will get things warmed up followed by The Fogartys and headlined by START!

Theres a few tickets available at the door(£7:50),music starts 8pm ish

How'd this go, good turnout? 

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

How'd this go, good turnout? 

It was a smashing night,place was bouncing from start to finish 174 tickets pre sold and 40 odd paid at the door Add in a couple of raffles to the total giving us more than 3k raised for the charity

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11 minutes ago, HSS said:

It was a smashing night,place was bouncing from start to finish 174 tickets pre sold and 40 odd paid at the door Add in a couple of raffles to the total giving us more than 3k raised for the charity

Awesome. Well done. 👏👏👏

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1 hour ago, BuddieinEK said:

Awesome. Well done. 👏👏👏

All the hard work was done by Mrs HSS,her sister and nephew Big respect to the Fogartys and START!,2 established bands who gave up their time fo play for free and to the Bungalow for providing the venue……….altho I’m sure they made a fortune at the bar!!!





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On 12/10/2022 at 12:57 AM, BuddieinEK said:

Interestingly, Metcalfe played it very low key and let Jobson take the spotlight... But vocally.. wow. Just as good as he ever was. 


I attended a concert as part of the "Homecoming" celebrations in 2009.  The concert was lots of different Scottish artists such as The Skids, Midge Ure and loads of others.  Richard Jobson had a very powerful voice and that was the first I'd heard him sing live.  I can only imagine what his voice was like when younger.  I grew up knowing his name more for his work in films.

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On 1/30/2023 at 12:54 AM, BuddieinEK said:

Straight to the top end of my all time favourite gigs!

Paisley celebration!

Yvonne Lyon and Carol Laula at the Glad Cafè last night.

Carol sang her song tribute to the 71. 💔♥️💔

Made me cry. 

I was at a concert Carol Laula put on the Spiegeltent a few years ago.  It was billed as "Carol and Friends".  Tom Urie recited a poem by Robert Tannahill at it and Sir Tony Fitzpatrick and Gordon Scott were in attendance.  I think they raffled a signed jersey at it if I remember correctly.

A great night out, all about the best of Paisley and it's history.  I think she performed a couple of Gerry Rafferty songs too.

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What a weekend.

Saturday night was a triple bill 4 hour extravaganza.

Three brilliant artists.

4 hours of entertainment.

All for £12


The Georgian Hotel in Coatbridge with gigs run by www.50rpm.co.uk

Adriana Spina from Coatbridge.

Mike and Ruthy from New York.

Danni Nicholls from Nashville.

Stunning. Stunning.


Better still was Friday night when I chanced my arm.amd asked Danni Nicholls if she fancied a house gig on the night before. She was in the area and doing nothing anyway.

The outcome was a private house gig for 23 incredibly fortunate souls!  Best musical £15 I've sent. Truly memorable experience. ♥️😎


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On 4/22/2023 at 8:12 PM, eastlandssaint said:

Diesel Park West tonight at Rocknrollas

Kicking myself for missing this, saw them at Strathclyde union back in the day. Hope you enjoyed the gig. 

Flaming lips in the Manchester 02 this weekend for me. 

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