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Aye, was on Breakfast this morning, Stu.

I saw this. Nice of them to start the piece with a row of boarded up hooses in feegie :@

Also showed a lovely shot of the high street to emphasise the empty shops. I focused on the background with coats memorial resplendent in the low winter sun.

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The word beautiful is not a work I rend to use for music , however Paisley poet and songwriter did the most beautiful song I have ever heard when performed by Dougie MacLean it sent shivers down my neck..

Here are the lirics

Gloomy winter's noo awa', saft the westlin' breezes blaw
Amang the birks o' Stanley Shaw, the mavis sings fu' cheery o
Sweet the crawflower's early bell, decks Glennifer's dewy dell
Bloomin' like your bonnie sel', my ain my darlin' dearie o
Come my lassie let us stray o'er Glennifer's sunny brae
And blythely spend the gowden day 'midst joys that never weary o

Towerin' o'er the Newton woods, lavrocks fan the snaw white clouds
And siller saughs wi' downy buds, adorn the banks sae briery o
Round the sylvan fairy nooks, feathery brackens fringe the rocks
And 'neath the brae the burnie jouks, and ilka thing is cheery o
O trees my bud and birds may sing, flowers may bloom and verdure spring
But joy tae me they cannae bring, unless wi' you my dearie o

If we get City of Culture Robert Tannahill will be a big part of the history of Paisley in fact Paisley has a lot of history to offer the visitor visiting.

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2 hours ago, shull said:

Radio Scotland broadcasting from Paisley between 10 and 12 this morning. 

The great Tony Fitzpatrick is on at some point. 

Also, John Byrne and Paulo's faither. 

Great listen. Well done Radio Scotland. 

Tony Fitzpatrick putting me through the emotional wringer as usual when he talks about St Mirren. 

What a God. 

And I am no just saying that. 

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