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Murray Resigns - Confirmed


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I genuinely feel for the guy. He was subjected to a volley of vicious bile this afternoon as he trudged off the pitch looking like a broken man, and it wasn't nice to witness.

The guy is young, has a family, and a living to make. He didn't set out to f**k this up, it just didn't work out.

Thanks for doing your best, Ian. It wasn't good enough, but I wish you no I'll, and hope you can over on from this.

He'll have his £95k EBT tucked away for a rainy day.

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Whether they like it or not, the board have a serious decision to make. Their last 3 (three) managerial appointments have been nothing short of abysmal. Buy cheap and you but twice. The next appointment is crucial. Cheap won't do. This is important. If we are relegated the board won't have an asset to sell. I hope he realises this. Surely he doesn't wan to be the man who saved his beloved saints only to destroy them.

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