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Morton V St Mirren Championship 2/1/16


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Absolutely no chance will I be spending any more cash watching St. Mirren this year. New Year at Cappielow used to be one of life's great moments to look forward to. I'd rather be anywhere but there next week. I'm sorry, but I'm done....

Agreed I was one of many who were looking at getting tickets and transport to this game. All of us around 10 aren't going.

Our sh*t players attitude and performances will have cost Morton a good few bob.

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Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, if we don't absolutely cuff youz next week we should chuck it!!!

Seasons Greetings to you to ya smelly Cnut, Aw Ra Best when it come's Dodger, Willy Wonker is @ plonker, Geenock is illegitmate, It husnae got ah Safety Certificate, Crappielow is No Legitimate, It's @ Fcuking Deathtrap ! All the Best Ya Manky Midden.



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This will just be typical St Mirren and we will win. a) because it is away from home and they won't have so many fans to entertain and B) Its Morton and when is the last time we lost to them?

I think I should give up my season ticket next season and go to selected away games as I am confident I will have more chance of seeing Saints score a goal and win a game. especially in the First Division!

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Normally totally up for a New Year derby at Mankylow but like most have a feeling of absolute dread about next Saturday. Don't blame some of the posters for not going in all honesty. Will go and pick up my brief on Tuesday (God only knows what lay behind the lunacy of making this game all-ticket when you'll get around 6,000 as an absolute max at the best of times) as, knowing my luck, we might end up winning this game given the history of this fixture and would severely kick myself at not going.

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Y'see.... THIS is the flaw with Morton being deemed worthy of consideration.

A local derby, in its way but only relevant, once again, cos St Mirren have been shite, have been relegated and are again butting up against such wee diddy teams.

It's a shite state of affairs. sad.png

Merry Relegation!


To all diddy team fans - no offence intended.

None taken you old rascal. bye1.gif

Always worth remembering that Dame Fortuna humbles the mighty and elevates the lowly. As things stand St Mirren must now be considered a diddy team.

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