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Smisa & Gordon Scott Submit Bid

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I'd tend to think this is accurate and the club will be sold this summer.

I posted earlier that an application to dissolve Douglas Street Ltd has been submitted, it's all systems go and if not SMISA then it will end another party.

Yip, the clock is well and trully ticking otherwise we'll be buying from the QLTR.

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Signed up (from Kentucky, USA). Don't expect I'll make so many games but what little I can do to help from over here. I'll spread it around and all that.

Has anyone done anything on the crowd-funding side of things? I know the main core of support will come from fans of the club, but can't underestimate the almost random support some of these things get from all over the world. There's quite a lot of lower-league supporters in the US who are very pro fan -owned clubs (basically a push-back to a closed league like MLS which is essentially a corporation with franchises). Would only take a few to throw in to add some weight. Every little helps.

I'll continue to tweet and re-tweet stuff and see if I can find any traction with my own folk (I have a small following on Twitter because I'm the Head Researcher for Football Manager for MLS)....if some of those can retweet etc....

Crowd funding can be good later on, it has been looked at. It doesn't help convince the sellers or the bankers though and that's why we need named people signing up, then we can go about working on crowd funding etc.,

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