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Bubbles Gone But Not Forgotten

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He was some player was Bubbles. I always preferred him to Jamie Fullarton who was breaking through either just before or at about the same time. 

As was mentioned, he have certainly been part of that legendary 1999/2000 squad and would have been a key player in it as he'd still only have been about 22 at that point. It's awful to remember that his illness affected him mentally as much as it did physically. He was never quite the same player after that episode on the pitch. 

Absolutely tragic story. 

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It should be in the most recent issue of ‘Nutmeg’ so doubt you’ll find it online.

Cheers for the steer Aldo. Ordered a copy of Nutmeg last week and just finished reading the Bubbles article.

Such a heartbreaking story but great to hear so many Buddies like Mark Yardley, Jimmy Bone and Junior still speak so highly of him. Great read.
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On 12/16/2019 at 1:45 PM, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

One thing I didn't realise about Bubbles until quite recently is that he was capped at U21 level.

We had a fair few players capped at that level during the 90s, but I never remembered Bubbles being one of them.

He was a talented boy. I recall seeing him being subbed in a game at Albion Rovers where it was obvious that he wasnt right. 

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