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Season 16/17 Home & Away Kits

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Let's not make an arse of it again.

Hopefully all parties are working hard behind the scenes.

And they will produce proper Saints strips that we can be proud of.

And most importantly ....

Let's have them out for sale In this coming Spring ( beginning of April )

So the fans get the benefit of wearing them during the warmer months and get true value for money.



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Using an artist to design the strips is nothing new, we've had everything from surrealists, to impressionists to abstract cubists in the past. Mind you, the question of whether or not they'll be modelled at the Normandy by a couple of pre-raphaelite hotties remains unanswered as ever...

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They can f**k hof with them.

Get the strips out now.

A simple copy of the 2012/13 Home Kit with a tasteful Sponsors Logo would be perfect.

Any other club sides putting next season's kits on sale in March with about eight games of this season still to go?

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Probably not.

But they should.

No they shouldn't. It's March. It's still wet and cold and the current season still has seven or eight games to go plus all cup finals.

My view? It should be ready to be worn and unveiled by St Mirren in the final home game of the season. The club should have shitloads of it set up for sale post-match in a hired marquee at the ground and in the club shop. Players should pop in post-game for photos and autographs for the kids.

Still, difficult to do that when you turn your team's final day finale over to another club to party on down.

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