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Falkirk V St Mirren Championship 9/4/16


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First half was abysmal, poor communication throughout, midfield absent, unable to string a few passes together, passing sideways before hoofing up park.........all the usual stuff.

Second half miles better, attacking ball, pressing opponents and going forward with pace.

Great goals and an excellent performance from Morgan when brought on. Actually thought we were going to win!

However there was a Referee.

Hippolite should have received second yellow and sent off but Dallas bottled it and knew he had.

This decision I think saved Goodwin from being sent off, his reckless challenge in front of Dallas was just plain crazy

There was a blatant foul against us in lead up to their 3rd which again was right in front of Dallas..

Gutted at result but pleased with 2nd half performance.

Need to persuade Morgan to sign up for longer deal.

Hopeful for next season, shouldn't be fearing any team in this league.

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At least the results elsewhere ensure Saints continuation in this division. It will take a very much improved performance by a completely new set of players next season if theres any chance of a play off spot. Only watched the few seconds highlights on tv and although out goals were pretty good (from a player who may not be there next season), the defending was woeful.

Second division players, second division performances, top division prices. Get it sorted out Saints before the stadium is even more soulless that at present.

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First goal actually started with Cooper shirking a tackle that was then played wide and crossed for Baird to flick backwards to an unmarked Falkirk player.Third goal was a blatant foul. Hippolyte should also have been off for a cynical foul having already been booked. He looks a reasonable player at times but he dives constantly and moans to the referee continually.

referee makes his father look like a referee

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