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St Mirren V The Sevco Fc 2012 Championship 1/5/16


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Anyone got a live stream for this one? Can't bring myself to sit amongst those manky feckers and I can say cheerio to Thommo next time he pops in for a coffee......


Interestingly... BBC Radio are concentrating on the games where something is up for grabs!

Who's have thunk it.

Doubly interestingly... is this the first home game with no St Mirren Radio?


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Well deserved.

We'd be at least 4 up though if Rae wasn't talking to BT Sports before the game.

Don't forget Thommo' spoke live to them too. If he hadn't done that, he would surely have been on a hat-trick by now. Rae should hook the big man.

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HT 1-0

Rangers had a decent ten minute spell where they hit the post and created a few half chances.

Apart from that I think we've controlled the game and probably just deserve to be ahead. The goal was well worked out to Gallagher, and he's beaten that keeper (can't remember his name) at his near post, really poor goalkeeping.

As it stands we are 6th... woo.

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Still giving these cunts too much respect.

Get in their faces and make them suffer.

If we can put more pressure on them when they get the ball and get a bit tighter on them in midfield when they attack then the game is there for the taking.

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