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Step Up... And Leave A Legacy!

Lord Pityme

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Most of you will recall the media comment and articles referencing the last fan led bid for our club. A few have suggested this time round the 'word' hasn't got out as far and wide as it could yet.

It is worth noting the leader and a partner in the last fan led bid were co-opted onto the board with all the benefit and influence that afforded them in not only putting their bid together, but the ongoing going public support they received from the board and our chairman. In specific. Countless Tv, radio and press pieces with SG giving it the club's and his personal endorsement.

Smisa have not had this luxury, public support and endorsement yet. It may well be the last bit in the jigsaw that will convince more saints fans to #BuyTheBuds?

You can understand having been left at the alter more than once the board and SG may feel more comfortable standing back a bit this time until its all signed, sealed and delivered.

However given that many rightly believe that SG and the board have the best intrests of the club at heart, and want to pass the reins on to the 'right' team, perhaps now is the time they should consider giving the Smisa & GLS bid the royal seal of public approval?

If the sellers are convinced we the fans can take over the reins with Gordon, then I believe it is in keeping with their desire to see the club move forward with safe hands at the wheel, to come out and back the bid.

If that is what it takes to get the sale they want, to the people they trust then perhaps its time to get past 'ChickYoungGate' and support the fans???


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After too much mayo on my lunch with lashings of coffee either side, I can confirm that I have just stepped up and left a legacy.

I'd give it 5 minutes if I were you...

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Second part of your sentence couldn't be further from the truth..!

Only This time round I got the answers!!!

Hmm, I thought you were getting your answers to be honest, you just didn't like them, or you just didn't want to listen to them. It certainly appeared to become very personal particularly IIRC when the church became involved. You weren't the only one that didn't appear to like that move by 10000Hours, but I found it a bit revealing when looking at the claims some have of their "community" credentials.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the fact that you questioned everything 10000Hours were doing. The bid back then needed someone questioning it, I just found that you eventually became a bit frustrating when you'd make a claim then back track from it by claiming people were abusing you.

Personally I'm glad to see you backing the bid this time round - however similarly it would be nice to have someone do the job you were doing against 10000Hours by challenging the SMiSA bid to test how robust the bid is and how competent those involved are.

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