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What Made You Do It?

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So with nearly 1200 sign ups putting their faith and hard earned cash into the #buythebuds - what made you do it?

Personally I always knew I would sign up but strangely waited until only a few days before the closing date.

I'm not sure if it's a blind optimism or an addiction but I believe that fan ownership is without doubt the only way forward at this current time for our club.

I signed up for my dad and my son- so I can proudly say that when the opportunity presented itself to have a stake in the club I love I stepped forward and did my bit.

What reasons do you have for getting involved in #buythebuds?

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A belief that sports clubs should be run by its members for its members and for the community it draws from.

One day we'll see a football club where the members get it right. Where their committees enthusiasm and effort is infectious and where others feel drawn to join in. If they do the potential is enormous. Maybe that team will be St Mirren

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I did it because I've supported St Mirren since I was a spotty herbert teenager who bought LP records in Listen, ate chips at the Blue Lagoon before going to heavy metal gigs at the Apollo, and bought 'the Saint' newspaper.

A lot has changed since then. The Apollo has gone. LP records have gone. No, hold on, they're back!

Anyway... St Mirren are still here. I want them to be here when I'm a really auld fart reminiscing about, erm, the Glasgow Apollo and Fergie's Furies, while kids are saying to me 'Aye, sure thing auld yin... A St Mirren team that finished third, regularly played in Europe, won cups.... Aye, OK pops... Hall of Fame panels grandad? What's that now yer' sayin? Designed the strips did ye? Won the cup in them did we? Aye.... sure thing auld timer!'

For this scenario to play out, I believe the best thing is for St Mirren to be in the hands of St Mirren minded people, who may not promise Champions League football, but know who we are, where we came from, what we are about, what Paisley is about, and know what the names 'Whyte, Green, Romanov and Mileson' mean.

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I am not totally convinced about fan ownership as yet however I believe the Club is in a dire state of stagnation with so much more potential that is not being realised. I also want the Club to be far more involved in the Community.

With little sign of change on the horizon I willingly signed up and hope that the mounting enthusiasm continues and fans themselves can have ideas heard, considered and maybe acted upon. I have heard may good ideas from some fans (and some crazy ones) but there has been a shocking lack of decent communication between the Club and its supporters which hopefully will change and good ideas can be transformed into actions.

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I didn't do it. (Should I start another thread?)

Like so many on here if I counted up the amount of money I've spent travelling over the country and Europe to support my team I'd likely choke so it felt strange to me when others, including all my mates, were getting so excited at the thought of fan ownership and I just couldn't get past my own scepticism.

I genuinely hope this works out and things improve both on and off the park but if the petty sniping and bickering on here, whenever there is a difference of opinion, is a portent of how things will be if fans ever get a hold of our club then God help us when some really tough decisions are to made further down the line.

I'll still be there every year though, buying my ST, my car park ticket and whatever shady merchandise we're pushing at the time but this just wasn't for me as I just don't see fans running a senior club working.

One thing that will likely change, however, is the opinion of many fans, who have lampooned the BOD for years, when they get more of an understanding of how difficult it is, in the modern era, to run a football club within its means and try to deliver any modicum of success.

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