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Ben Gordon


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41 minutes ago, shull said:

Gordon will be back in January, fit and raring to go.

Leave him and Rae alone.

Having no Reserve Team means Gordon having trouble regaining full Match fitness.

He and we'll be fine.

What a horrendous knickerwetting Thread this is.

He's able to play for the under-20s, just as MacKenzie has been doing.

Ultimately none of us knows for certain if Gordon would improve things, although on the basis of last week he'd have to go some to make things worse! It's a very odd move unless someone else is coming in, but comments about Rae losing the plot, the final straw etc are rather OTT.

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4 hours ago, Kendo said:

Alex Rae saying that the reason for letting him go was to bring in another player who they had an eye on however the lad got injured but they have freed up some money to bring someone else in.

If your recruitment policy means you have excess centre backs and not enough quality cover in midfield after 5 or so games then your policy is flawed ...in my opinion 

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On 16/09/2016 at 5:04 PM, Julian Banjos said:

On Twitter, Div's suggesting that Gordon has struggled with the step up to training full time.

Just mentioned that theory to someone at work who pointed out he'd been at Livingston last season and they were full time.

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8 minutes ago, pod said:

Didn't Gordon have a full time job and was on part time contract.

He did when he was at Alloa, but pretty sure he left that job to go full time at Livi. He talked about it around a year ago during the half time slot on BBC Alba when they were showing a live Livi game.

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6 hours ago, ulysses said:

Don't think we can recall in the first 25 - 30 days of the loan, unless it's an emergency. Not sure of the actual number, but it's something like that.

There was a guy who deals with player registrations for QOS who said it was 28 days.

Utter madness to let Gordon go.

Just another mistake by our former manager.

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