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Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

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The not so magic roundabout.

The revolving door, down Saint Mirren way.

Spins on and on, day after day.

We suffering fans, all take the brunt,

When the board keep employing, a useless c*nt.

In May 2014, D. Lennon’s contract expired,

And it was Tommy Craig the old board hired.

Six Months later, a Christmas gift was given,

When out of Saints’ ground, old Craigy was driven.

Replaced by Teale, but the rug it was drawn

Mclean to the Dons, the season was gone.

In May ‘15 Ian Murray was next on the list,

We started to wonder, if the board were all pissed,

Another change was needed at the end of that year,

Alex Rae in the hot seat, his job it was clear.

He did save our season but by September was gone,

Six league matches in and not a game won.

The next person chosen to take on the reins,

Was Jack Ross but it looked, same again.

It took till December, to see a wee chink of light,

A win finally came, oh what a delight.

Things slowly improved, fans still filled with fear,

The bottom of the league was just far too near.

We needn’t have worried, and with good reason,

We didn’t look back, league won the next season.

But Jack left in a hurry on to pastures new,

The merry-go-round continued, back in the stew.

Stubbs arrived and it soon seemed quite clear,

He hadn’t a clue, It was a return of the fear.

As quick as a flash, old Stubbsy was gone,

And Scott went back and brought in Oran.

He finished the season, on quite a high,

With everyone saying, “Oh what a guy.

But true to form, he too left the scene,

Shrouded in mystery, the break wasn’t clean.

With JG now at the helm, we can all but hope,

He lasts a bit longer and manages to cope.

We need to be patient, Club, board and fans,

And trust in the fact that Goodwin has plans.

Sit back and strap in, whether sinking or soaring,

The life of a Buddie seems ne’er to be boring.

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1 hour ago, magnus said:

Peter "pointer" Grant  always pointing at the baw and shouting at other players to do the work. Perfect manager material. 

If that was the criteria Bobby Dawson would have managed Barcelona - he made a career from pointing at others to do something.

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