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Next St Mirren Manager - Merged


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Jack Ross is Dundee's second choice for manager. Neil McCann was their first. 

Only one club has any knowledge of Neil McCann's ability as a manager and they would rather have him than Jack Ross. 

Neil McCann currently does not have a job (as a manager)

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if our BOD get Mr Jack Ross signed up to improved contract, that really shows 


how far we have come our old board would have taken the compo ,

and then found a cheaper boss ,

on wards and upwards keep the faith 

lets get a good draw in cup on friday 

squad beginning to take shape ,

best is yet to come from this team 

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22 hours ago, melmac said:

I saw Tommy Craig wandering down Greenhill Road whistling cap in hand.

I keep seeing him in online ads for... "PPI if you were born between 1942 and 1972" ads. :o

it's disconcerting...

there's example on this page, RHS, scroll down a little...



eta  Ach, no..

the Ads are in rotation.  You might be unlucky and not see Tommy...


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Checking my link...
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7 hours ago, Magic Monkey said:

In order?

Neilsen > McManus > Goodwin >>>>>>>> Cathro.

Chuck in Donati as a left field choice. He's loitering round Ralston with a laminated CV and an old Milan shirt on as we speak.


More like, Neilsen > McManus >>>>>>Goodwin >>>>>>>>>>>Rodgers, (Roy that is) Then we can continue with the rest of the cowboys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cathro.

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I wouldn't touch Neilson as I feel he is well overrated. I knew he'd flop at MK Dons without Levein holding his hand. He'll take us nowhere

Billy Davies, Gordon Strachan, Jim McIntrye. All proven and well able.

Unfortunately I think it will be Neilson !

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36 minutes ago, Flareybob said:

A reliable source of mine who is based in the big smoke tells me that the next manger of St Mirren will be Luke Garrard

Interesting shout Flareybob. Have to say that I doubt it.

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