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Eric Arthur Blair

The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

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7 minutes ago, shull said:

Welcome to our great football Club. 

We are all right behind the pair of you. 

Good luck and best wishes. 

Finally something I agree with you on.

Fowler coming on board is very encouraging. A couple years experience managing at this level, still young and has a decent coaching reputation. On the face of things, he didn't really do much wrong to get his jotters at QotS, though they are exceeding expectations without him...

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31 minutes ago, shull said:

Once they merge, you will maybe start appreciating ?

Then again, that wisnae yir point.

Grow up wee boy :lol:

Absolutely glorious that, rather than have the threads merged, you changed the title of *yours* so that they cannot be merged.

Grow up you child.

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The two JR & JF Threads can be merged.

And if they are , I will contribute to it

The other way round, you wont and you'll disappear off into a huff. 

And you still huvnae appreciated anything.


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