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Eric Arthur Blair

The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

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4 hours ago, Bud the Baker said:

Bet you wish you'd let shull start the thread now, you crazy diamond...........:whistle

Childish Tom didnae really have appreciating JR & JF in his thoughts at the time. :lol:

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It feels good to be able to post on here twice in under 1 week congratulating Jack and the team on 2 back to back league wins and now a first clean sheet of the season as well. In less than a week two good results have suddenly given hope that if we can put a good run together safety and midtable mediocrity may yet be within reach this season. I'm taking a bit of hope from seeing out a 1-0 home win against a mid-table team following on from beating a QOTS team on a bad run with an injury time winner away from home.

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