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St Mirren v Raith Rovers SPFL Championship 10/12/16


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1 minute ago, woiiftm said:

Bit controversial here and I am sure will be cleared up on video, but from my position in south stand and seeing it head on, it looked like Quinn did actually take the players legs with no initial contact with the ball and so correct yellow.

The ref was useless I agree.


You might be correct, however Raith hammer throwers were doing worse tackles that went unpunished.

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42 minutes ago, whydowebother said:

Now, Once upon a time , on a dark but floodlit Love Street we played a team in a European competition , the ball boy plan would of been perfect for that game against H.........

Never mind , it was a long time ago.

Aye cheers ! Nightmares for me now reliving that bloody last 5 mins .

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Suddenly the "shambles" of a squad is looking capable of reaching safety and midtable by the end of the season. Perhaps when Hutton returns and comes into the reckoning for a place in a team playing with confidence he will look fine as well?

Maybe a 'woooosh' moment. Anyone reading the forum and not just this thread will know that I am not having a go at the player. And maybe you are right that he will improve under JR however he has not taken his chances so far.
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11 hours ago, scabbydug37 said:

A piece about the ref today:-


Great 3 points today. You would never guess BarryCook (ref) was rejected by us!!!! Good unbiased appointment SFA!!!!!Shocking display by him

Don't like this tweet at all. 

Maybe he's just a really shite ref like pretty much every other Scottish ref? 


Great result today, back to back league wins. When was the last time we achieved this? 

This was the best possible response the the Lee Miller biting incident, dealt with our own problems and not let it distract us from an important week.

Well done JR and the players who are obviously working really hard behind the scenes and believing in themselves and the management team. 

Onwards and upwards. 


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