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St Mirren Photos & Videos


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5 minutes ago, Percy Veer said:

😲 St. Mirren had an "Ajax" style strip?!  I've never seen that before! 😲

I got it for my Christmas that year with number 10 on the back . Loved it.


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2 hours ago, StanleySaint said:

That's not a very traditional black and white stripes kit then is it?

We very rarely played in the stripes that season , away strip was the Scotland style dark blue with white collar , white shorts and red socks !

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14 hours ago, billyg said:

May be an image of 4 people and text

I went to this game with my older brother who was a bluenose.

Can't recall any other game that i went with him to watch.

Somehow we managed to get back from the game by public transport to the Doosan Stane for a beer before closing time.

Nobody in the pub would believe me when i bounce in and told them the score, until my brother came through the door with his face tripping him   😭

Shame this will never ever happen again but what a memory for old buds  :happyclapper

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