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27 minutes ago, cockles1987 said:



You've got good eyesight, I can only just make out the goals at the home end.


His eyesight's no that good.


He's actually chewing PK - a penny a packet!

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That was a good read ... loved the bit about the ref 
"Referee Jack Mowat came tearing across the field one time blowing his whistle like a fireman who's heard there's a brewery alight"

I miss bill leckies march reports that he added humour to.

Likewise not heard a Highland league round up on Radio Scotland for many a year. Does anyone know if the reports still have a humourous side to them. Ie. He showed the same commitment to the tackle as a failed kamikaze pilot.

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I've just come across this guy on Google; John Love.

Seemingly a Saints fan who emigrated to the States, and was subsequently killed in the war in Vietnam in 1969.

Pictured here at the Love Street end turnstiles in the late 1950s. That actual turnstile was only knocked down recently. You can still see it on Google Street View.

There's a page on John Love here:



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