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Ayr United V St Mirren SPFL Championship 25/2/17


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This is another Falkirk from the fans. Get in early and make a hell of a racket and drive the team on.

Simply must win and we have a part to play in that. 

Got a sneaky suspicion we may see Irvine at right back tomorrow.

Any win will do will go for McKenzie scoring in a 1-0 Saints.



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The weather forecast is for this to continue right up till about 1:00 oclock. The afternoon looks to be a really nice day. Lets hope the pitch has managed to stand up to over 12 hours of continuous heavy rain. We really need this match on.

Eastern st mirren section mobilised. On Edinburgh train. Ayr here we come. Game better be on
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Woke up with butterflies in my stomach, not sure if it's excitement or fear. Setting off from Gilmour street at 10 bells, few pubs in Ayr town centre then taxi to the game.

Someone above mentioned Irvine playing today, I was thinking the exact same, don't think this is the kind of game for Stellios at right back. Would definitely start Morgan & Cammy Smith on the wings with Mallan & McGinn in the middle.

Losing isn't an option today, if we do, it's all over.

Prediction: 2-1 saints, a late winner for us & absolute scenes.

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any buddie doing a live Facebook stream? if i canny see the game its going to be a long night waiting for updates.

The team need to go out and get right at them, nothing daft from anyone but get stuck in and play with a tempo that Ayr won't expect. Its the last chance saloon tonight, fail to win and its league 1

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