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5 minutes ago, mattman said:

Hearts line up looks the fear  hope it works out for them.      Mon the jambos

No Joking - can't see them winning this one even if Tic get 3 sent off - Edwards - desperate stuff . . . (maybe heard that Stubbs is going to be the next manager at some 6th level team in England and trying to get him to sign Edwards again)

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The treble treble is a great achievement but the media seem to be neglecting that many countries only have one cup competition. There's a fair chance Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Juve would have won trebles if it were possible. As for the treble treble PSG must be in a strong position to achieve this going forward.

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20 hours ago, St.Ricky said:

Committed St Mirren Fan as I am. A Treble, Treble is some achievement. A world record, I believe, in top league football. I know - lots of reasons to point at why this is just plain wrong but congratulations. Now - on with the BIG game.

I know it sounds incredible - but in Scotland these past 6 or 7 years with Rangers out the league for many of them and Celtic having a budget at least 12 time more than anyone else during this period etc...

What amazes me is that they did not win the treble for the past 6 or 7 seasons with the massive financial advantage they have had. . .

I am not trying to take away from their achievement, but it is much less under the circumstances than in pretty much any other league in Europe, where there is at least one other serious contender...

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