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33 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

1-1, jeezo, that didn't last long. 

1-1 final score, mixed feelings on this, St Johnstone were under real pressure early on, settled but were still hanging on a wee bit.

Then the goalie for Galatasaray had a nightmare, got sent off and gave away a penalty.

Unfortunately St Johnstone conceded within a couple of minutes.

Would have been a good result before the game, possibly should have had more as the game progressed. 

Well in the tie at home. 

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50 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Rangers 1-0 Malmo, Morelos, I know he's a strange wee character but he's got some goal scoring record, especially in Europe.

Lively start, what a difference the crowd makes, although that fecking drumming does my head in.

19 mins. 

Rangers 1-1 Malmo, didnae see it, got distracted.


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31 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Rangers 1- 10 man Malmo 2, Rangers are all over the place.

58 mins. 

Rangers 1-2 Malmo, final score.

Rangers, first 30 mins apart, were poor, even in that spell too many poor first touches lost them any half chances they created.

They now  go into a raffle for a bottle of sauce and a St Mirren mug as the prize.

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8 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

St Johnstone 0-0 Galatasaray, pretty decent game, both teams creating some chances, the Turks slightly the better opportunities.

Kane is a talentless piece of wood, twice he had more than decent chances to pass to a team  mate for a good chance, twice he fcuked it up.

25 mins. 

St Johnstone 0-1 Galatasaray wee bit of quality and good finish, that's the difference having decent players.


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2 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Hibs equalised but didn't hold on for long, 2-1 down

St Johnstone 1-3, too good.

70 mins. 

Hibs 3-1 down, same old story for Scottish clubs, lack of skill and we're out. 

3 out this week, Celtic as good as through, Aberdeen still  3-2 from first leg. 

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8 hours ago, guinness said:

st Johnstone's legs went in second half. Played well but fell short.hibs had man sent off and that finished them.

So did Galatasaray last week, quite often doesn't result in a pumping. 

Anyhow, Celtic and Aberdeen through, the back door still open for Rangers and St Johnstone, utter shite IMO.

When you're out you should be out. 

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