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48 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Brighton 0-0 Arsenal, half time.

Brighton, as I mentioned recently, are a joy, winning all the midfield battles and really should be one or two in front.

Most of us know, it's football and nothing should surprise us but Brighton are looking like the winners. 

0-0 full time, didn't see the 2nd half, Strictly won that battle.

Brighton sit joint 2nd in the league.

To give Arteta credit he's certainly turned them around after a disastrous start. 

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10 hours ago, StanleySaint said:

To be fair commentators said that Watford were woeful and lucky to get nil!

Just watched the brief highlights, Leeds were certainly the better team BUT got away with a dreadful mistake by their goalie.

Shocking decision by the referee, should have been a Watford penalty and then the Leeds goalie dropped the ball in/off a player into the net.

VAR, not used because it wasn't an OBVIOUS error? 

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54 minutes ago, guinness said:

Celtic look really good going forward but honking at the back. They try to p!ay out but just cannot do it. Aberdeen poor so far.

1-1, Hart doesn't command his box, certainly doesn't fill me with confidence.

A tad lucky, off the Aberdeen players shoulder and droops into the net.

Both teams are huffing and puffing, not very good TBH. 

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6 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Rangers 0-1 Hibs, only seen the first 20 odd minutes, pretty even, well taken goal by Nisbet.

Never seen the sending off, commentator just said it was a wild tackle, straight red, I'll probably see the replay in a few mins. 

Feet off the ground, flying in, no control, red card IMO. 

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